Spring 2015

Time and Location

The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).


Lunch Seminar organizers:

Markus, Zsolt, Reto


The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.

Date Speaker Institute Topic Food
20.02.2015 Daniela Dorneanu  Systems Group CAPI/Flash + PackedObjects: a novel off-heap solution for scaling-up complex Java applications Claude
27.02.2015 Marko Vukolic  IBM Research XFT: Practical System Reliability Beyond Crashes


06.03.2015 Kornilios Kourtis  Systems Group Intelligent NIC Queue Management in the Dragonet Network Stack  Simon G.


Zsolt Istvan  Systems Group  Optimizing index traversals in Cipherbase  Anja (Hot Pasta)
20.03.2015 David Cock  Systems Group  Hoare Logic and Refinement - An Introduction to Verification Techniques  Jana (Pie Shop)
27.03.2015 Claude Barthels  Systems Group Building a Rack-scale Database  Moritz (Foodlab)
03.04.2015 Holiday    


10.04.2015 Jonas Pfefferle Systems Group/IBM Storage and Network I/O in Disaggregated Datacenters Stefan K. (Kebap)
17.04.2015 Darko Makreshanski  Systems Group

Hardware Transactional Memory and Lock-Free Data-Structures

24.04.2015  David Sidler  Systems Group Tutorial on FPGA programming with HLS (high-level synthesis)


01.05.2015  Holiday      
08.05.2015  Alexandru Moga  ABB Research Systems Research for a Better World  Stefan M. (Hot Pasta)
15.05.2015  Malte Schwerhoff  Chair of Programming Methodology  



Zaheer Chothia

Systems Group   Pratanu (Pizza)
29.05.2015 Maciej Besta Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory    Pravin (Grune Lebanon)