Lunch Seminar - Spring 2014

  Spring 2014

Time and Location
The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).

Lunch Seminar organizers: Claude Barthels, Zaheer Chothia, Daniela Dorneanu.  

The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.

Date Speaker Institute Topic Food Chair
21.02.2014 Martin Vechev ETH, Software Reliability Lab

Data-driven Programming with Statistical Language Models



28.02.2014 Claude Barthels ETH, Systems Group Distributed In-Memory Join Algorithms  Qin (Chinese Spec.)  Daniela
07.03.2014 Simon Gerber ETH, Systems Group

Decoupling Cores, Kernels, and Operating Systems

 Andy (Schnägg)  Zaheer

Victoria Caparros


Performance Bottleneck Modeling: Analyzing DAGs With Microarchitectural Constraints.

 Carsten (Pizza)  Claude
21.03.2014 Anil Kurmus IBM, Ruschlikon

Quantifying and Reducing Kernel Attack Surface

 Besmira (HotPasta)  Daniela
28.03.2014 Georgios Giannikis ETH, Systems Group Query Optimization for SharedDB / Shared Work Systems  Lucas (Kebab)  Zaheer
04.04.2014 Cagri Balkesen ETH, Systems Group Multi-Core, Main-Memory Joins: Sort vs. Hash Revisited  Anja (Bagels)  Claude
11.04.2014 Pratanu Roy ETH, Systems Group Teaming up Join and Group-By on Multi-Core CPUs  Gerd
18.04.2014 --- Good Friday      
25.04.2014 --- Easter  Break      
02.05.2014 Besmira Nushi  ETH, Systems Group Quality Assurance and Crowd Access Optimization: Why does diversity matter?


(Pie Shop)

09.05.2014 Robert Soule University Lugano Merlin network management framework




Ghislain Fourny



decimalInfinite: Encode and Order Them All Tahmineh  Daniela
23.05.2014 Divesh Srivastava AT&T Labs   Simon L.  Daniela
30.05.2014 --- CANCELLED