Lunch Seminar - Fall 2014

  Fall 2014

Time and Location
The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15h at CAB E 72 (lunch provided at 12:00).

Lunch Seminar organizers: Pravin Shinde, Pratanu Roy and Renato Marroquin

The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.

Date Speaker Institute Topic Chair Food
19.09.2014 Yanlei Diao University of Massachussets, Amherst - visiting professor by Systems Group A platform for scalabale, low-latency data analytics Pratanu Zaheer (Schnägg)
26.09.2014 Gerd Zellweger ETH Zurich Decoupling cores, kernels and operating systems. Renato

Martin K. (Gnädinger)

03.10.2014 Arijit Khan ETH Zurich Systems for Big Graphs Pravin Stefan k. (Kebab)


Thomas Wuerthinger Oracle Labs, Switzerland One VM to Rule Them All Pratanu



17.10.2014 Thomas Heinis Imperial College, London Querying and Exploring Big Scientific Data Renato Anja
(Hot Pasta)
24.10.2014 George Tsoukalas Greek Research and Technology Network Parallel computing a cryptographic identity for data documents to enable scaling out security in distributed applications Pravin Arijit (Falafel/Kebab)
31.10.2014 Ioannis Koltsidas Storage & Systems Research, IBM Zurich Flash-Conscious Cache Management for Enterprise Database Workloads Pratanu



07.11.2014 Ghislain Fourny 28msec Cell Stores Renato Claude
14.11.2014 Nico Schottelius ungleich GmbH Making money while having fun - 2 years of ungleich Pravin Besmira (Foodlab)
21.11.2014 Pierre-Jean Demaret Amadeus Development and support: 4.5 years as a middleware developer in Amadeus Renato

Darko (Lebanese)

28.11.2014 Carsten Eickhoff  ETH Zurich Copulas for Information Retrieval Pratanu


(Beck Meier)

05.12.2014 Anaëlle Maillard EMC, Ireland Software Defined Network Pravin Stefan Muller (Hot Pasta)
12.12.2014 Stefan Müller   ETH Zurich  Pydron Pratanu Simon Gerber (Pizza)
19.12.2014 Darko Makreshanski  ETH Zurich Shared Execution of Main-memory Joins Renato Gerd